A wooden soccer stadium, by Zaha Hadid Architects

Normally when we talk about the construction of a football stadium, we do not usually think about what material it is made of. But have you ever heard of a football stadium built exclusively from wood? The Zaha Hadid Architects office made a proposal for the Forest Green Rovers FC football team in Stroud, United Kingdom. The objective of the project was to build a wooden stadium and follow the concept of environmental development, thus consuming the least amount of energy possible. When designing, it is important to think about the demands of the spectators, as well as comfort and the need for multifunctional sports facilities. On the other hand, making it with resistant and recyclable construction materials, allows them to turn it into a work of art thanks to its modern, futuristic and innovative architecture. This goes much further than a simple football stadium. The originality shown by the architects by being able to modify concrete and steel elements for wood, earned them to proclaim themselves winners of an international competition. The importance of using wood lies not only in the fact that it is a natural material, but also that it has a very low carbon content to be a construction material. In principle, the stadium continues to grow significantly, managing to increase its capacity by more than double what was planned.

Wood, a material as versatile as it is effective

The properties of wood present a series of characteristics that make it the ideal material for construction, achieving the most sustainable stadium in the world. One of its greatest advantages is its insulating property, depending on the law of mass, it has to relate the acoustic conditioning of a material with the density and frequency of sound. At ideatec we have a wide variety of wood products, which function as acoustic insulation. All of them have different characteristics that make them special, such as fire-retardant, washable, recyclable treatments and standard installation systems. We also take into account construction elements made of higher density wood, highlighting IDEACUSTIC and IDEAPERFO acoustic wood panels, which offer greater acoustic conditioning. In this type of construction it is necessary to have different wooden panels, in this way, it is easier to adapt to your needs, both for the walls and for the false ceilings. The ideatec sound-absorbing acoustic panels offer you quality and design that resides in a wide variety of melamines, veneers and lacquers that you can choose from. Basic models like our Ideaperfo Micro 05 have nothing more and nothing less than 4 standard types of support materials, 15 types of different textures, a heat-bonded acoustic veil, and many other features that allow maximum sound absorption capacity. On the contrary, you can cover the walls with the Ideaperfo Mi, with a FLEX system that allows the curvature of the material for an optimal adaptation and heat-adhered acoustic veil, or the Ideacustic High 16, opting for a highly elegant and decorative product ideal for all types of interior spaces.