Types of wood

The advantages of wooden constructions are numerous, mainly because it is a natural material that respects the environment. But if there is one characteristic that is important to us, it is its acoustic absorbency properties.

We can classify wood into two groups, depending on whether it is hard or soft. Hardwood is typical of exterior constructions, as it is more resistant to moisture than softwood. In contrast, the thermal conditioning of softwood makes it ideal for interior construction.

At Ideatec we want you to always find what you are looking for, which is why we offer you a wide variety of woods and styles in our products. Find the one you like in our catalog and enjoy the professionalism and personalized advice of our team.

Discover the Ideatec acustic Pro 8 wood panel

Among our acoustic solutions is Ideatec acustic Pro 8, a sound-absorbing wood acoustic panel. You can choose from more than fourteen different textures and various colors for greater visual harmony in your home.

It is a corrugated panel that offers you the possibility to choose between various types of wood, for custom wall cladding or false ceilings, you can choose between standard melamines such as Maple, Cherry, Pear, Beech, Oak and many more.

You also have the possibility of being able to choose between a fire-retardant coating to protect you from fire, or a water-repellent coating for greater protection against humidity and water.

Ideatec perfo R16, the efficiency of grooved wood

Ideatec perfo R16 is a sound-absorbing acoustic panel ideal for false ceilings or wall cladding for any type of space. This slotted panel has a heat-bonded acoustic veil, which reduces sound reflections from the space and noise from the environment.

As with all our products, you can choose between various types of textures and lacquered colours. Our customers can choose from our large number of melamines and standard veneers of various types of wood and turn your space into an acoustically pleasing one.

Solid wood slat and slat panels

At Ideatec, we adapt to the needs of our customers and therefore, in addition to traditional acoustic panels, we opt for solid wood slats and slats. An example of this is Ideatec wood Slats. With a pine presentation finish, it acts as a perfect acoustic insulator while offering an elegant design.

Discover in our catalog the acoustic panels of wooden slats and slats that best suit the style of the space, with a high-quality finish, you will give it added value and enjoy better sound quality.

Acoustic diffusers: homogeneous distribution with wood

In our catalog you can also find several wooden acoustic diffusers, among which is Ideawave D-Wood, our laminated wood diffuser panel for false ceilings and walls with a standard pine finish.

Like all our products, the customer can choose between a fire-retardant or water-repellent treatment for greater protection of the space, adapted to the demands of the environment.

Trust our experts and ask us to find the ideal type of wood for your acoustic panel. Discover them now!