Training of Internship Students at Ideatec

At Ideatec we are known for adding value to any type of room, thanks to our advanced acoustic solutions of unbeatable quality. But we do not want to stop there, we also want to do our bit in this society and provide value for today’s young people. We believe that in today’s world, young students are the ones who really have great potential to offer companies and that, most of the time, ends up being wasted. We want to turn this situation around and take advantage of all the potential that you have to offer us while you can gain experience and fluency in a job that can really be of benefit to you in your professional career. To do this, we have developed a training plan on which we want to work and support internship students who come from VET, from university degrees or masters. Our training program is carried out by authentic professionals, and we work with innovative technology and design that will provide students with a once-in-a-lifetime experience with which they will acquire all the necessary knowledge to gain experience in this sector.
Our company already has more than 25 years of experience in the wood sector of which we are proud and with a human team dedicated to any need, which makes us in a suitable company with which to work, both internally and externally. Our training system is focused on good company practices, in which at the end of the internship period, we can offer the possibility of hiring those students who have a good level of work and who fit the philosophy of our company. So, if you want to gain positive experience in the world of work and specialize in an innovative, professional sector with a vision of the future and the possibility of hiring, don’t forget to send us your CV through our contact form. For more information, do not hesitate to call us at 965 609 046 / 965 609 163. We will wait for you!