Tips when installing an acoustic absorber

The smooth surfaces of the rooms act as a reflective screen, projecting the sounds that are emitted inside and transmitting them to the outside. For this reason, acoustic absorbers become fundamental elements in a room, since they prevent the noise emitted in it from leaking out. Its main function is to minimize the phenomenon known as reverberation through the absorption of sound waves, preventing them from being distributed throughout the space and passing through the walls. At Ideatec we bring you a series of tips for the proper selection and installation of acoustic absorbers. The first aspect to take into account when choosing a specific acoustic absorber is the material with which it has been manufactured. The greater its acoustic absorption capacity, the less sound it reflects. In this sense, we must take into account such important aspects as:
  • Porosity. In general, for all types of acoustic absorbers, the higher the porosity, the greater the absorption of all frequencies, whether they are low or high.
  • Thickness. The thicker, the more absorption of low frequency or bass waves. We must bear in mind that the installation of thin and small panels does not usually generate significant changes in the acoustics of a room.
  • Density. It must be just right, since if it has a low level it will not be able to absorb the sound waves, but if the absorber is too dense it can produce an effect reflection or bounce.
  • Measures. There are different measures of acoustic panels, which must be taken into account to make a good calculation of the amount we need.
Another element that will determine the success of the installation is the making of a placement plan and a layout in the space where the acoustic absorber will be located. This is a fundamental point because if the panels are not placed equidistantly or following the shapes of their wedges, the installation will have an inadequate finish and therefore lose all its effectiveness. Finally, to obtain a quality result in the installation of the acoustic absorber, it is of vital importance that the surface where they are to be fixed is clean and free of any impurity that may reduce its adherence. In addition, the application of the glue in acoustic materials must be done in the right measure. Once all this has been done, all that remains is to enjoy an acoustically comfortable room with very low reverberation times. At Ideatec we offer you a completely personalized treatment when choosing any of our acoustic solutions. In addition, we guarantee that all of them are created with the best quality materials and being environmentally responsible, without giving up an attractive and elegant design and image.