The best acoustic conditioning for your ceilings. protect from noise

At Ideatec we offer you the best range of products to achieve the best acoustic conditioning in any type of room thanks to our decorative panels that can be installed in a wooden false ceiling. Perfect solutions to protect from noise

We have a wide variety of acoustic-wood panels and perfect sound-absorbing panels to install both in false ceilings and in wall coverings, without sacrificing style and design.

Most of our products can be found in different textures and lacquered colors à la carte. Get the perfect acoustic absorption you need for your company or premises without having to dispense with a cutting-edge design that fits perfectly with the environment.

It is important to add that our wooden acoustic panels are very easy to install and, as a general rule, do not require works or reforms. It has never been so easy to protect from noise, without giving up the most avant-garde design. They are also capable of applying optional treatments to convert them into fire-retardant and water-repellent materials, in addition to being recyclable and being able to wash them without any problem.

We have different collections of decorative acoustic panels and personalized ceilings, with different characteristics, but united by the quality that our brand guarantees. Some of the lines that can be found in our catalog are Ideatec acustic, Ideatec perfo, Ideatec wood and Ideatec fabric. Each of these collections has a wide range of models with different and customizable textures and colors to guarantee the aesthetic assimilation of the panels in any environment in which they are installed. Complying with the regulations or achieving good acoustic conditioning does not have to be at odds with maintaining aesthetic standards that make the panels go practically unnoticed in their environment.

If you want to achieve the perfect layout without sacrificing design and style, don’t hesitate to visit our website,, where you can get a global idea of the number of solutions we have to achieve perfect sound absorption in any space and with minimal installation inconvenience.