Sustainable workspaces

More and more buildings are choosing to adapt their space and their characteristics to make them more environmentally friendly. The offices are not far behind and seek to generate a positive impact, both in the external and internal environment. In this way, it seeks to achieve a much more sustainable space that generates profit in all its ways. An office is a place where employees spend a large part of the day, so adapting it to become an ecological space and respectful of the environment is not only to bring benefits to the environment, but it will also have a positive impact on the lifestyle and health of those who work in it. But do we know exactly what the main objective of a sustainable workspace is? This type of office mainly seeks to obtain benefits such as optimal energy savings, waste and garbage reduction and the use of alternative mechanisms to reduce unnecessary expenses. With all this, a new concept has been born that promises to give something to talk about in the near future. This is the luxury of sustainable work, understood as the privilege of being able to work in ecological environments where not only energy or even economic savings are enhanced, but also spaces where a healthy lifestyle is suggested. This is achieved not only by adapting the stay in a static way, but also by promoting the creation of suitable environments and daily activities for the workers, instilling a healthy and active lifestyle and, ultimately, contributing to a sustainable life for the workers as well. people.

Factors that contribute to building a sustainable workspace

Sustainable offices have some main characteristics:
  • Significant energy reduction.
  • Correct use of raw materials.
  • Implementation of furniture and equipment with sustainable characteristics.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions in a good proportion
An office with green tendencies uses efficient methods to enhance and take advantage of natural lighting, in order to reduce the use of artificial lighting. Adapting large windows or intelligent lighting products in the enclosure allows configuring a space with greater comfort, in which workers can rest and their ability to concentrate is encouraged. The three Rs to take care of the environment are also fundamental when it comes to equipping a sustainable workspace. Reduce, reuse and recycle are words to keep in mind to generate a less negative impact on the environment. As for furniture, in order to create a sustainable workspace it is essential to detach yourself from trends and “throwaway” furniture. Wooden furniture is the great ally of sustainability, and also provides a plus to the acoustic conditioning of the building thanks to the qualities of this material. Ergonomic designs for open and collaborative spaces are gaining more and more prominence in sustainable offices. Sustainability in companies is a trend that is making its way more and more. A company, by using sustainable methods and generating a positive impact on the environment, no matter how small, is contributing to the favorable development of society.