Strengthening bonds with dB Acoustic

Ideatec congratulates dB Acoustic for the great work done last year in Singapore. Both companies have been together for many years to improve the acoustic quality of customers, being dB Acoustic a company dedicated to the sale of professional audio equipment, and Ideatec being a company dedicated to the acoustic conditioning of small and large rooms. To show gratitude for the work and the good relationship, a commemorative plaque has been presented to Mr. Alvin S P Ong, CEO of dB Acoustic. In addition, both companies ratified the collaboration agreement exclusively for Singapore.
At Ideatec we believe in trust, which is why we are committed to a good professional relationship with other companies, and of course with our clients. So we would like to thank everyone that we are currently working with or have worked with in the past. At Ideatec we are a big family. Do you want to be part of it?