Sport and acoustic conditioning

As in many commercial establishments, such as restaurants, acoustic conditioning in sports venues is an aspect of great importance for the comfort of users, both for test participants and spectators or for people who are training, as is the case in a gym.

Main sources of noise in a gym

Many noises of a different nature are produced in this type of sports venue, which can annoy neighbors or nearby shops, among others. In a gym there are noise problems coming from different points. One of them is reverberation problems, which occur when there is poor acoustic conditioning in gym rooms, which means that the noise that may be produced in one goes directly to another. If there is a weight room in a gym, when they are left on their support or on the floor they fall and noise is produced. In case this room is next to one where yoga is being done, it is annoying. For this reason, reverberation must be an aspect that is taken into account in a soundproofing and acoustic conditioning project. Another problem in these establishments is the impact noise and vibrations, normally caused by heavy machinery and the different sports activities that are carried out. For example, in some CrossFit exercises, huge tractor tires are lifted up and dropped to the ground once they’re off the ground, making quite a bit of noise. To finish with regard to the main noise problems that may exist in a gym, we find airborne noise. That is, the one that is produced mainly by music. It is used in all gyms, to entertain, to motivate or even to set the pace in spinning classes, for example.

Acoustic conditioning solutions

One of the most complicated aspects to solve is the noise produced by the machines and their vibrations, so it will not be enough to place them on a compact foam or a supposedly insulating surface. For this, it is necessary to have the help of experts who manage to minimize both vibrations and noise produced by these machines, which are used practically continuously. Controlling aspects such as these is very important and therefore, good conditioning for gyms or any other sports venue is something of great importance to provide comfort to all customers and also to neighboring homes and premises. At Ideatec, we offer you a wide variety of acoustic panels so that you can choose the one that suits your gym or sports center.