Some great projects of 2017

Ideatec’s acoustic panels, diffusers and textile modules are present in more than 35 countries around the world, offering the highest quality and reliability to each client. The main objective of Ideatec is to offer quality acoustic conditioning to increase the quality of life of people in any corner of the world. For this reason, during 2017 we participated in projects around the world: from nearby Alicante to Chile, passing through countries as unique as Panama or Qatar. In this post, we want to present a selection of the projects that we are proud to have been a part of last year.

Ideatec’s most outstanding projects during 2017

As we already mentioned, in 2017 we participated in the acoustic conditioning of the Atrium building, in Chile. The chosen solution was acoustic panels Ideatec Standard 32, which we installed together with the equipment from Sonoflex. This product is ideal for spaces that require careful acoustics, thanks to its system of slots of different widths and perforation diameters.
Continuing with our Chilean adventure, we are pleased to present the refurbishment of the Cultural House of Los Vilos that we carried out last year. It was a project in which both the side walls and the back of the room were covered with Ideacustic panels. The main function of the Ideatec team was to provide an effective solution to minimize the noise that occurs in the stalls and thus stop the annoying reverberation.

Another project in which we supplied the Standard 32 product was the Chancellery and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Panama. In this case, Ideatec acustic 32 was used for wall cladding thanks to its ability to integrate design and acoustic absorption. In addition, these panels were combined with the creation of a false ceiling with Ideatec perfo T32, a panel perforated that works effectively at mid to high tones. The sound result was spectacular and the elegant design, appropriate to the character of the space in which it was located.

Ideatec products not only serve to acoustically condition high-traffic spaces, but also adapt to the needs of any type of room. So much so that in 2017 we also traveled to Medellín (Colombia) to improve the sound quality of the home theater that a customer had installed in his own home. To ensure that viewers do not lose detail of the works they saw on the screen, the Ideatec team installed acoustic diffusers made of lathed wood Ideawave D-Wood and design acoustic panels Ideaperfo Cosmos. In this case, not only effective sound absorption and noise reduction was achieved, but also the starry night design of our Ideaperfo Cosmos panels was the perfect complement to the aesthetics of the room.
Los productos de Ideatec no solo sirven para acondicionar acústicamente espacios de alto tránsito, sino que se adaptan a las necesidades de cualquier tipo de estancia. Tanto es así que en 2017 también viajamos hasta Medellín (Colombia) para mejorar la calidad sonora del home theater que un cliente había instalado en su propia casa. Para conseguir que los espectadores no perdiesen detalle de las obras que veían en la pantalla, el equipo de Ideatec instaló los difusores acústicos de madera alistonada Ideawave D-Wood y los paneles acústicos de diseño Ideatec perfo Cosmos. En este caso, no solo se consiguió una absorción acústica y reducción del ruido eficaz sino que además, el diseño de noche estrellada de nuestros paneles Ideatec perfo Cosmos resultó el complemento perfecto para la estética de la sala.

In 2017, the Ideatec team also reached the Middle East, specifically to Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha. As we explained in our post, we installed the Ecotex sound-absorbing textile modules on the walls, achieving an acoustic result very good and a spectacular finish, thus satisfying the needs of our client.

To finish, we want to highlight two projects that we carry out in our country. On the one hand, the Generalitat Railway Service Office, where we installed the Ideacustic 16.2 panels for wall cladding. The color chosen by the client was white pine, which combined perfectly with the aesthetics of the room and creates a warm and calm space.

Finally, the Milenium Clinic in Alicante, located on our land and very close to our facilities. In it, we created a false ceiling with the product Ideatec perfo T16 with a maple melamine finish. In this case, we perfectly combine the cladding with these perforated panels with other elements located on the ceiling, such as the lights, the alarm and even the air conditioning.