Solution to the consequences of noise?

Acoustic panels: Solution for noise?

Acoustic panels are a solution for noise. Depending on the treatment or design they have, they can provide a specific solution. To understand the consequences of noise we will briefly explain how it affects.

The Noise

Noise is characterized by being related to human perception. Noise is associated with a subjective character. A certain sound can be divine for one person, but it can also be a headache for another. However, whatever the personal perception of a noise, it is true and scientifically proven that exposure to high noise levels can be harmful to health. Hearing ability is impaired (temporarily or permanently) in the range between 75 dB(A) and 125 dB(A). The noise becomes painful when it exceeds 125 dB(A), reaching the pain threshold at 140 dB(A). Aside from the extreme noise, which can lead to deafness. Lower noise levels can harm people’s health. Thus, for example, noise can cause effects on:
  • The cardiovascular system, with heart rhythm disturbances, coronary risk, high blood pressure.
  • Endocrine glands.
  • Digestive system.
  • Other conditions, due to increased stress, increased mental disorders, tendency to aggressive attitudes, difficulties with observation, concentration, performance and facilitating accidents.
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According to the World Health Organization, in the European Union, about 40% of the population is exposed to traffic noise with an equivalent sound pressure level exceeding 55 dB(A) in the day and 20% are exposed to more than 65dB(A). If the total exposure to traffic noise is considered, it can be calculated that approximately half of Europeans live in areas with high noise pollution. More than 30% of the population are exposed at night to sound pressure levels above 55 dB(A). Being able to generate sleep disorders. Photo by Yvette de Wit on Unsplash


Many consequences can be dire, such as hearing loss. Others, however, may seem milder but can generate other diseases in the long term. But the question is… what is the solution to noise? At ideatec, as experts in this field, we recommend carrying out a study and providing ad hoc solutions for each problem. For this reason, we offer a series of differentiated products that can solve any acoustic or noise-related problem. We recommend that you see the range of acoustic panels, which we have to solve these problems