Sawgrass Golf Club Refurbishment

At ideatec we are pleased to present one of our latest projects, and of which we are proud to have been a part. This time we have reached the United States, specifically the state of Florida It is about the acoustic conditioning of the hotel complex and golf course Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort; Spa. The work began in 2016 and consisted of the acoustic conditioning of the main dining room of the restaurant. In order to be able to enjoy conversations without the atmosphere being disturbing in a large place, it is essential to carry out acoustic conditioning suitable. This can be done with different objectives: achieve acoustic comfort in the room by minimizing the reverberation phenomenon, isolate the room from the rest of the building and prevent sound from spreading to the outside, or a combination of both. The team of installers with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating was International Acoustic, a leading Italian company in the manufacture and distribution of customizable acoustic coverings, made with different fabrics or printed. The project consisted of the installation of suitable acoustic absorbent material to control the different auditory factors that affect the space and thus achieve noise reduction. In dining rooms it is essential to stop the annoying reverberation and ensure that those who are in it hear clearly what the other person is saying. To do this, the ideatec team installed the wooden acoustic panels ideacustic Standard 32, a solution as effective as it is elegant. Wood is one of the most functional acoustic absorbers, as it traps and dissipates sound waves. In this case, the ceiling of the room was covered enough to absorb the noise produced in the dining room. The chosen finish was white lacquer, which combined perfectly with the interior design of the room. This product has an acoustic absorption and noise reduction coefficient of 0.65 for 5cm of total height of the Plenum plus 4cm of rock wool, making it ideal for a small dining room like this one, providing very good results and a spectacular finish. Some additional features of this product are that it is resistant to both impacts and scratches, which is very important in spaces with a greater influx of people. In addition, it is an easily washable product, so the maintenance it requires is minimal. At ideatec we adjust to the acoustic and aesthetic demands of the room as well as to the needs of the client, so if the room is concave or convex, these panels can be curved using the FLEX system and present different treatments, such as water-repellent and fire-retardant. With this, we are proud to present you the result of our work, carried out by our professionals with great dedication for the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Club, in which a quality acoustic conditioning was achieved.