Relax corners to disconnect

Reducing the noise level to enjoy moments of relaxation and rest is an increasingly frequent demand. Whether at home or in the office, having an adequate sound absorption system is very important to ensure the well-being of those who are in it. The absence of a corner to unwind and enjoy comfort at an acoustic level has negative effects in any environment, and therefore it is neither desirable nor recommended.

The importance of acoustic comfort

The acoustic comfort is the situation in which the level of noise caused by human activities is adequate for rest, communication and, above all, the health of people. For this reason, any room can be uncomfortable and even a problem if it does not have adequate acoustic treatment. The objective is to find the balance between the conditioning of the noise from the outside and a good absorption of the noises that occur in the interior.

At Ideatec we offer acoustic solutions adapted to the needs of the client and the space. We are specialists in the manufacture of acoustic panels, both made of wood and sound-absorbing foam. Not only do we try to ensure that our products have great sound absorption results, but our panels also have an elegant design that combines with all types of rooms.

Relax at home or in the office

A house is the ideal place to relax and unwind from day to day. From a small reading corner to a home theater room, there are multiple options to enjoy the well-being that a home offers, and acoustic conditioning plays a fundamental role in all of them.

For this reason, ideatec offers a wide variety of acoustic panels made of wood, ideal for trapping and dissipating sound waves. In addition to putting an end to the annoying noise that prevents rest, its design provides an unparalleled feeling of well-being. Proof of this are the panels Ideatec perfo Cosmos, perforated acoustic panels that project the image of a starry night on its surface.

And not only at home, acoustic comfort in the office is also decisive for well-being. Poor workplace acoustics can reduce productivity and lead to fatigue, as well as health problems if they escalate. More and more offices are concerned about the comfort of their workers during working hours and adapt a room or an area for rest.

To turn any corner into the ideal place to disconnect from day to day, ideatec offers a wide variety of panels, acoustic diffusers and textile modules for wall coverings and the creation of false ceilings. All of them with a high-quality finish that will make you enjoy silence and well-being like never before. In addition, we offer you our personalized treatment and guaranteed quality products.