Refurbishment project of the Cultural House of Los Vilos

At Ideatec we are pleased to present one of our latest projects, and of which we are proud to have been a part. This time we have reached Chile, specifically to the Coquimbo region. This is the acoustic conditioning within the remodeling project of the House of Culture of the municipality of Los Vilos.

The work began in 2014 and consisted of converting an old station into a space dedicated to art and culture. The new House of Culture has a theater auditorium with capacity for 300 people, multipurpose rooms, a cafeteria and exhibition halls. The idea was to provide a place open to the community of Los Vilos in a free and participatory manner, which will be used to develop workshops, courses, training, talks, seminars, conferences, shows, exhibitions and concerts. Ideatec participated in the acoustic conditioning of the main auditorium located in this building.

The team of architects with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating was Sonoflex, a leading company in South America dedicated to the manufacture of acoustic coatings made from flexible polyurethane, and insulators acoustics made from high-density vinyl.

The project consisted of the installation of suitable acoustic absorbent material to control the different auditory factors that affect the space and thus achieve noise reduction. In theaters it is essential to stop the reverberation so that the spectators hear clearly what is happening on stage. To do this, the Ideatec team installed wood acoustic panels Ideatec acustic, a solution as effective as it is elegant.

Wood is one of the most functional acoustic absorbers, trapping and dissipating sound waves. In this case, both the side walls and the back of the room were covered, enough to absorb the noise produced in the stalls. The chosen finish was Beech melamine and Maple veneer, which combined perfectly with the interior design of the room. This product has an acoustic absorption and noise reduction coefficient of 0.65 for 5cm of total height of the Plenum plus 4cm of rock wool, making it ideal for a small theater like this one, providing very good results and a spectacular finish.

Some additional features of this product are that it is resistant to both impacts and scratches, which is very important in spaces with a greater influx of people. In addition, it is an easily washable product, so the maintenance it requires is minimal.

With this, we are proud to present you the result of our work, carried out by our professionals with great dedication for the Cultural Center of Los Vilos, in which a quality acoustic conditioning.