Refurbishment project of a Home Theater in Medellín

Once again, at Ideatec we have the pleasure of presenting you one of our most recent projects. On this occasion we have reached Colombia, specifically to the city of Medellin. The improvement of acoustic performance is not only carried out in large spaces, and for this reason today we show you the result of our work in the acoustic conditioning of a home theater room for a private client.

This work, which took place last year, consisted of adapting a room in the house to transfer the cinema experience to it. To be able to enjoy movies and series with high volume in a small place, it is essential to carry out adequate acoustic conditioning. This can be done with different objectives: achieve acoustic comfort in the room by minimizing the reverberation phenomenon, isolate the room from the rest of the house and prevent sound from spreading outside, or a combination of both.

The team of architects with which we collaborated was Privilegium y Cía, a local company specializing in acoustic engineering, electronic security and infrastructure for the environment. Thanks to this collaboration we were able to provide our client with an agile and versatile solution, meeting their expectations in terms of acoustic quality as well as aesthetics of the space.

The project consisted of the installation of sound-absorbing material suitable to control the different auditory factors that affect a room and thus reduce annoying noise. In home theaters it is essential to stop reverberation, a very common phenomenon in this type of room due to its structural characteristics. The goal is to get viewers to hear clearly what is happening on the screen. To do this, the Ideatec team installed acoustic diffusers Ideawave D-Wood and acoustic panels Ideatec perfo Cosmos, solutions with great acoustic performance and a awesome design.

Acoustic diffusers are essential elements to achieve sound uniformity in a room. In this case, we proceeded to wall cladding with Ideawave D-Wood, our grooved wood acoustic diffusers. The chosen finish was fabric in silver and black colors, which combined perfectly with the interior design of the room. This product is ideal for a home theater room as it has a high reflective capacity and therefore absorbs sound waves effectively.

For the ceiling cladding Ideatec perfo Cosmos acoustic panels were used, a perforated panel with different grooves and separations. This product offers great acoustic performance, with a sound absorption and noise reduction coefficient of between 0.4 and 0.6, at medium and low frequencies. In addition, its design projects the image of a starry night, which makes it exceptional for a stay of these characteristics.

Both products have some additional features, such as easy maintenance. They are washable and resistant to both impacts and scratches. In addition, at Ideatec we adjust to the acoustic and aesthetic demands of the room as well as to the needs of the client, so if you wish, these acoustic panels and diffusers can be curved using the FLEX system and present different treatments, such as water-repellent and fire-retardant. .

With this, we are proud to present you the result of our work, carried out by our professionals with great dedication and in which we achieve quality acoustic conditioning in a reduced space.