Refurbishment project for the New City Hall of Thessaloniki

Once again, at ideatec we have the pleasure of presenting one of our projects. This time we travel to Greece, specifically to Thessaloniki, the second most important city in the country. In it we had the opportunity to work on the acoustic conditioning of its new Town Hall.

The work began in 2009 and consisted of the construction of a set of blocks with dynamic zigzag shapes. The main objective was to create a building that would not break the line of sight of the city and that would also be easily accessible. The new Thessaloniki City Hall houses offices, service and waiting areas, a multipurpose hall, the Mayor’s office, the Plenary Hall, numerous support and storage facilities, and a three-storey underground car park. The composition of its volumes highlights the exterior area, in which a large plaza with an extension of rest areas and a small open-air theater is located.

The architect with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating was Tassos Biris and his team, a benchmark in international architecture with more than forty years of experience in the sector and a lot of prizes.

The project consisted of the installation of suitable acoustic absorbent material to control the different auditory factors that affect the space. In a building as important as a Town Hall, a place of passage for many people, it is essential to stop the reverberation and ensure that the conversations are heard clearly and there is no loss of information. To do this, the ideatec team installed several models of acoustic panels from the family ideatec perfo, which provide great results in acoustic absorbency without leaving behind its attractive design.

Wood is the quintessential acoustic absorber, as it traps and dissipates sound waves. In this case, wall cladding and false ceilings were created in open spaces such as corridors and the hall. The products used were the ideatec perfo T32, ideatec perfo R16 and ideatec perfo R32 acoustic panels, as well as ideatec custic panels. These products have an acoustic absorption and noise reduction coefficient of between 0.30 and 0.50, ideal for construction in these conditions. The main idea was to achieve optimal acoustic absorbency results and, at the same time, achieve a modern and elegant design by combining the grooves of the ideatec perfo panels and the smooth finish of the ideatec acustic panels.

Some additional features of these products are that they are panels resistant to both impacts and scratches, factors that are very important in spaces with a large influx of people every day. In addition, they are easily washable products, so they require minimal maintenance.

We are proud to present you the result of our work, carried out by our dedicated professionals for the New City Hall of Thessaloniki, in which a quality acoustic conditioning and a spectacular finish were achieved.< /strong>