PYRAMID, sound-absorbing foams

We have previously discussed one of our most efficient line of products for controlling sound acoustics: the Ideafoam family. And today we want to talk to you in particular about PYRAMID, one of the star products that make up this range. The Ideafoam family is characterized by being made up of a foamy material that perfectly captures excess sound, since polyurethane and/or melamine acoustic foam are special for capturing both medium and high frequencies. The intensity of absorption will depend on the type of thickness with which they are designed, managing to capture higher frequencies the thicker the material.
In addition, being a foam material, they are very light and therefore very easy to install, since to do so it is enough to use a double-sided adhesive. This type of foam sheets are ideal for both walls and ceilings and cladding, which is particularly useful when you want to take advantage of the space as much as possible or cover an entire room. The PYRAMID product offers a simple yet elegant finish, available in a charcoal gray color that will give the room a professional touch while mitigating excessive reverberation and achieving a clean sound. Its triangular design, which is so reminiscent of the famous Egyptian pyramids, is specifically designed to offer better absorption by presenting different levels, unlike completely flat materials that are not as efficient. If the client requests it, the melamine foam also offers the possibility of covering it with a fire-retardant (self-extinguishing) and water-repellent treatment, highly recommended if you want to install these sheets in public and busy places, as it always involves a plus in security.
And don’t worry about its maintenance! PYRAMID sound-absorbing foams are easy to clean with a simple damp cloth, in addition to offering high resistance to dirt, designed to trap sound very well but not mites. This product is used especially for music rooms or recording studios (both in business and at the user level), for the comfort they offer, the neat finish they have and above all for their tremendous effectiveness in isolating sound and conditioning reverberation inside. a room. If you are thinking of optimizing the sound of your building or room, do not hesitate to trust IDEATEC, as we have more than 25 years of experience and an expert staff that will advise you personally whatever your case may be.