Psychoacoustics and its implication in our health

Psychoacoustics studies the subjective perception of the main characteristics of sound, which are intensity, tone and timbre, which are determined by the most important parameters of sound, which are frequency and amplitude. It also studies the relationship between the sensation perceived by a sound and/or the way in which it is heard. Music can be said to have the ability to stimulate or repress some of the body’s functions. It must also be said that it has a kind of language that cannot be expressed through words, something that makes it unique and that can be interpreted through energy and vibration.

Characteristics of psychoacoustics

Although there are more, the main psychoacoustic parameters are loudness, height and timbre. Loudness is the subjective perception of sound intensity. Height is related to our perception of tone. Finally we have the timbre, which is the ability to differentiate sounds. Our ears permanently provide us with a large number of information that is of great importance for our daily lives. Thanks to them we are informed of everything that happens in our environment, something that complements the rest of the senses. We can say that our sound perception is the set of different processes (behavioural, physiological, cognitive and psychological) that our body produces and that allows us to have an interpretation of what we find ourselves hearing. In this way, the brain creates the perception of its environment thanks to the information that the senses are providing.


Psychoacoustics and health

In addition, it should be noted that psychoacoustics is part of a branch of Psychophysics, a scientific field that studies the relationship between physical stimuli in the environment and also the sensation of the effects they produce on people. The applications that psychoacoustics has can be used in a large number of different areas such as musical, environmental, architectural acoustics, electroacoustics, music therapy or medicine, among others. Finally, we must not forget that it has great therapeutic value since it has the ability to influence people’s emotions and even exerts different effects on metabolism, pulse pressure and also blood volume as well as secretions. internal, breathing and also muscle energy.