Self-declaration regarding FSC-POL-01-004
(Policy for the Association of Organisations with FSC)

The signing Organisation is associated with the Forest Stewardship Council A.C., Oaxaca, Mexico, or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates (hereinafter FSC) by being either a member of or having a contractual relationship with FSC. Hereby the signing Organisation explicitly states that it has read and understood the “Policy for the Association of Organisations with FSC” as published under This policy stipulates FSC’s position with regards to unacceptable activities by organisations and individuals which already are or would like to be associated with FSC as well as the mechanism for disassociation.

In light of the above, the Organisation explicitly agrees currently and in the future, as long as the relationship with FSC exists, not to be directly or indirectly involved in the following unacceptable activities:

  1. a) Illegal logging or the trade in illegal wood or forest products;
  2. b) Violation of traditional and human rights in forestry operations;
  3. c) Destruction of high conservation values in forestry operations;
  4. d) Significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest use;
  5. e) Introduction of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations;
  6. f) Violation of any of the ILO Core Conventions as defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

W8 Wood panels
W8.3 Fibre boards
W8.3.2 Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)
W9 Plywood products
W9.5 Solid wood panels


“To continue to be the leading company in the design, manufacture and marketing of panels for ceilings and coverings, and the best valued by our customers in terms of the quality of our range of products and services and our concern for the environment; thanks to our commitment to meeting customer requirements as well as relevant product and environmental regulations. All this to continuously improve the efficiency of our integrated management system which combines our quality management system and our environmental management system.”

This Policy is implemented according to the following basic principles that make up our philosophy:

* All our actions must be focused on making sure that our customers of today are our customers of tomorrow, through both our innovative activity and our commitment to the Company’s policy.

* Only by providing quality products, services and relationships can we count on the long-term trust of our customers.

* Being committed to the prevention of pollution, through compliance with applicable legal requirements and others that the organisation upholds on our environmental aspects and requirements.

* Striving for the maximum satisfaction of our customers, through compliance with their express and implicit requirements and applicable legal requirements.

*  Quality for the customer which depends on our responsibility in the workplace.

* In addition, the self-imposed commitment to have prestigious certifications for our systems with respect to the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004 standards

* Continuously improve our services and the effectiveness of our integrated management system.

* Only by constantly offering training to our staff can we improve our options.

* We must maintain an entity that generates material wealth in the continuous improvement of the standard of living and satisfaction of all stakeholders.

* The management of IDEATEC ACOUSTIC ADVANCED SOLUTIONS, S.L.U. undertakes to consider and recognise all contributions and suggestions from its employees aimed at improving quality, work methods or any system or element that facilitates the improvement of results.

* Our suppliers are a fundamental pillar of the quality of the final products, the profitability of our processes and our commitment to the environment

For this reason, this policy and its guiding principles are published for the knowledge of all Employees of the Company and must be adopted and shared by our entire organisation.

Novelda, 20 January 2015

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Hemos recibido una ayuda de la Consellería de Economía Sostenible, Sectores Productivos, Comercio y Trabajo, en materia de industrialización para inversiones de PYMES INDUSTRIALES de la Comunitat Valenciana para mejorar la competitividad y sostenibilidad del sector madera-mueble e iluminación, dentro de la segunda fase de implantación del Plan Estratégico de la Industria Valenciana, para el ejercicio 2019, por un importe de 14.180,25 € y que se tramita con número de expte. INPYME/2019/56.