Princess Margaret School Dining Hall (2014)

Installations with acoustic conditioning designed to perform in the most efficient way through the IDEATEC ACUSTIC 16.2 maple melamine panels on the ceiling.

It is available in 15 different textures and lacquered colors à la carte. It is a product that offers acoustic solutions of the highest demand.

It is a reference product for the most demanding professionals. The “IDEATEC ACUSTIC HIGH 16” wooden acoustic panel is an absorbent and decorative product that helps improve the acoustic quality in all types of interior spaces.

Its main difference with the rest of the “IDEATEC ACUSTIC” family is due to both the higher percentage of perforation and the lower number of mm of separation between channels.

It has a simple installation system; in addition, to have the possibility of being prepared with both a Fire-retardant and a Water-repellent coating.


Barcelona (Spain)

Product / Finish

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Project video

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