Polyester fiber (PET) in acoustic conditioning

When we think of ideal materials for acoustic conditioning, the first things that come to mind are traditional and elegant wood panels or acoustic foam solutions. However, there are a large number of elements that we can incorporate into our projects to achieve quality acoustic performance with an innovative and spectacular appearance. One of these materials is polyester fiber, which has multiple properties, including being suitable for acoustic conditioning. Incorporating polyester fiber panels in a room improves the absorbent response and reverberation times for all types of premises. The lining of walls and creation of false ceilings with polyester fiber (PET) also has many benefits. It is an environmentally friendly material that is easy and quick to install using suspended braided cable. In addition, its maintenance is easy: it is a dust-resistant product that neither frays nor releases particles. And one of the characteristics that make it ideal for acoustic absorption is that it does not lose weight due to deterioration. Acoustic panels made of polyester fiber absorb low frequencies (below 500 Hz) relatively well, which characterize bass sounds that are difficult to attenuate, absorb medium frequencies (from 500 to 2,000 Hz) typical of the human voice and office environments. In addition, it tends to reflect high frequencies, which by their nature are absorbed by building elements, furniture and occupants, providing a natural balance of sounds.

Ideatec, at the forefront of polyester fiber acoustic panels

At Ideatec we are specialists in the manufacture of systems and services for comprehensive acoustics without neglecting the aesthetics of our products, and for this reason we go one step further by presenting the Ideafelt family. It is a range of sound-absorbing textile modules in which we combine innovation and design to offer great acoustic comfort and adapt to the needs of our customers. The Ideafelt family has been the latest to join our catalog of acoustic solutions. It is a high-density polyester fiber compound with a natural wool felt finish, having a high absorption coefficient with a reduced thickness. Ideafelt modules are easy to install and their measurements are adaptable to customer requirements. You can choose them in 84 different felt colors and not only achieve unbeatable acoustic performance, but they also adapt to the statics of your space. Keep their names: Kapua, Abraska, Hexagon and Cloud Felt… and look no further! Enjoy personalized advice and quality products with Ideatec.