The invisibility of noise pollution: one of the biggest pollution problems of the 21st century. To this day, humans continue to be unaware of the sounds that occur in the sea. We are also the main cause of anthropogenic noise. One of the main causes of this pollution is maritime traffic. This increase in noise pollution is causing chronic effects that can affect the long-term ability of animals to carry out their normal activities, such as reproduction. In addition, this prevents communication between marine specimens, such as whales.
Some marine species, such as cetaceans, communicate thousands of kilometers away, due to the fluidity with which sounds are transmitted in the water. With this facility, in addition to transmitting the noises made by marine species, the noises generated by man are emitted and multiplied. This seriously affects marine fauna.

20,000 sounds under the sea

The Polytechnic University of Barcelona Tech has helped Foundation Pacifique to make a world ocean noise map. For 4 years, they have been measuring the sounds of the sea, sailing on a sailboat along the Magellan route. The conclusions are clear: noise in the ocean is increasing and the effects of pollution affect, more and more, the Marine species. However, legal measures are already being taken, for the safety of human life. The IMO adopted in 2012 a rule of the International Convention, in which it requires that ships be built in a way that reduces noise on board. This program was carried out with the aim of making the population aware of the damage we are causing and that is invisible to us. For this reason, at Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions we wanted to inform and help raise awareness of caring for the oceans. Our team strives to find eco-friendly alternatives to protect our planet. In addition, we offer products and services dedicated to protecting the environment. Thus, Ideatec provides optimal solutions for the comfort of the client and the world around us.