Noise pollution in our cities

We live in a world where there is a lot of noise, more than we can imagine, what is known as noise pollution, something that can seriously affect our health. Along with light and air pollution, this is one of the issues that most concerns environmental experts. What exactly is noise pollution? Law 37/2003 on Noise clearly defines what it is. According to this legal text, noise pollution is defined as the presence of noise or vibrations in the environment, regardless of the acoustic emitter that originates them, that imply annoyance, risk or damage to people, for the development of their activities or for goods of any nature, or that cause significant effects on the environment. Road traffic is one of those responsible for this pollution Many studies reveal that the main source of noise pollution in cities is road traffic, something that is notable in practically all cities, where there are hourly peaks that usually produce a large number of decibels, more than those recommended by the Organization World Health. With the growth in the use of cars, motorcycles and many other vehicles, noise pollution has risen in all cities, becoming intolerable in some. In fact, Vigo has recently been considered one of the cities with the highest noise pollution in Spain, above the big capitals and in many cases exceeding 65 decibels in some places due to traffic. Excessive noise not only causes discomfort to people but also to animals. Continued exposure to noise can cause health problems and many associated symptoms, such as reduced work, academic and personal performance. It prevents you from falling asleep well and can even make you have more stress than you already have. It is very important to deal with this issue because all of us, more or less, are exposed to the intense noise that can be produced in cities, but not only because of heavy traffic but also because of being close to a construction site, being close to an airport or transport station, etc. It is important to bear in mind that there is no simple solution to avoid noise pollution. You can go through the acoustic modeling of the place, make noise maps and another series of measures that can reduce this problem that affects us all.