Noise in the office: how to eradicate it with decorative solutions

The noise in the office above 65 dB not only means a decrease in the productivity of the employees, it also exposes them to emotional and physical problems. Resorting to the installation of classic acoustic panels is a good option, but if they are also decorative, the solution will be even better. We explain why.

Decorative solutions for noise in the office

Among the decorative solutions that can be used to improve acoustic conditioning in the office, are the wooden false ceiling, decorative acoustic panels or acoustic wood slats. Depending on the dimensions and layout of the office one, the other or both can be used at the same time. With them, communication is not only improved, but visual sensations are also transmitted that can contribute to the well-being of workers.

Wooden false ceiling

Wood is a highly decorative 100% natural element. By means of slits or holes, acoustic absorption is achieved and the sounds sound less intense and more clear. But panels are not the only option. You can find decorative acoustic ceilings with PET-coated wood and other materials, such as acoustic moss. With them, unique textures and combinations are achieved, perfect to combine with corporate colors.

Decorative acoustic panels

There is a wide variety of sound-absorbing panels with which to reduce reverberation and decorate at the same time. It is not necessary that all the walls be covered, with the strategic placement of some decorative panels it will be enough to notice the improvement.

Among the options to reduce ambient reverberation and improve the aesthetics of the office at the same time are carved or perforated wood. These grooves or holes, together with the properties of the wood, have a sound-absorbing effect that reduces noise to the right extent. These can be combined or replaced with other decorative options, such as moss acoustic panels or acoustic wood panels.

Acoustic wood

Lastly, there is acoustic wood. The wood slats for false ceilings are widely used to give an office a special touch. They can also be used vertically, to separate spaces. They are designed to modify the waves so that ambient sounds are attenuated. At Ideatec we combine efficiency and design. We have a wide variety of decorative solutions to reduce environmental noise in the office. Take a look at our catalog or contact us on our social networks and we will help you.