Musgo to absorb environmental noise, the innovation of sustainability

Any space faces three problems when it comes to achieving the best environment: being quiet, having privacy and being in contact with nature. It is not something easy to achieve, unless you are up to date with the most innovative products. The preserved moss solves the three problems mentioned and is also sustainable, our product IDEATEC GARDEN perfectly mimics the appearance of moss.

What does the moss do to absorb ambient noise?

Acoustic moss panels are a perfect and natural solution. In addition, it does not require any type of maintenance, something that favors its use in work spaces.

It is a system that adapts perfectly to different work environments and can be manufactured taking into account the specific needs of the consumer in terms of its structure, color and size, that is, it can be made in different formats, such as circles , triangles, etc In addition, to offer a wide variety of colors.

It is made of recycled polyester fiber (PET) on which a natural decorative moss is applied, benefiting noise absorption and its acoustic curve, which makes it a perfect acoustic conditioner.

Once installed, you get these benefits:
  • The moss panel naturally absorbs ambient noise, achieving a calmer and more relaxed environment.
  • Moss panels can be used to divide a room into smaller spaces, where you can enjoy the privacy you need to work.
  • Contact with nature. Moss is a natural element, which provides all the advantages obtained from being in contact with nature. You have the feeling of working in the middle of an outdoor garden, with the incentive of being made from recycled materials.
  • As you already know, moss panels do not require any kind of maintenance.
  • Design. It admits different designs, which adapt to the needs of the space at all levels.
  • Color. We have 6 colors in stock, being able to consult
In addition, its installation method is very simple, the acoustic panels or moss modules can be glued with hot silicone, putty or simply with double-sided tape, in this way they will be fixed to the original wall or ceiling.
Acoustic moss is ideal for absorbing environmental noise, but don’t stop there, because IDEATEC is a specialist in acoustic conditioning, and together with acoustic panels decorative, acoustic wood panels and all kinds of sound-absorbing panels, whether acoustic wood, solid wood or natural wood, with its wide range of products it makes any space functional, innovative and sustainable. So do not stop counting on this solution.