Microacustic panel, an effective and elegant solution

Today we come to talk to you about one of our flagship products in terms of a sober and elegant finish, very successful for those rooms that are concerned not only with optimal acoustics with good projection and without excessive reverberations, but also need the final finish to is consistent with the purpose of the room, that is, they also pursue a sophisticated and neat image. It is Microacustic, one of our products from the Ideaperfo family. Its name is due to the fact that it is a microperforated acoustic panel, a characteristic that allows it to have one of the highest absorption capacities in our store. Its microholes allow the sound to penetrate the panels and be damped with amazing efficiency, being available in different sizes according to the absorption and desired appearance of each client. In addition, the panels are covered with an acoustic fleece heat-adhered to the back about 0.25 mm thick as a sound-absorbing layer to acquire greater power of capturing sound.
Chez Ideatec, nous cherchons toujours à ce que nos produits puissent être personnalisés afin que nos clients trouvent exactement ce qu’ils recherchent. Ces panneaux insonorisants ont donc la possibilité d’être présentés dans différentes finitions, telles que la mélamine standard, le placage standard et avec des laques disponibles. dans diverses nuances. Vous pouvez choisir à la carte parmi un total de 15 textures différentes. Nos panneaux microperforés sont en bois avec des mesures standard, applicables à la fois aux faux plafonds et aux revêtements muraux. De cette façon, vous pouvez garantir la couverture totale de la pièce ou simplement d’un des murs si votre besoin est moindre. Aujourd’hui, nous disposons de 4 types de supports différents, pouvant faire toute proposition spéciale sur demande. Cabe mencionar también, al igual que con otros muchos de nuestros productos, que nuestros paneles Microacustic son fácilmente lavables y ofrecen una alta resistencia a la suciedad y al rayado, por lo que se pueden mantener como el primer día durante un largo período si se cuidan bien. Vous pouvez également choisir d’appliquer un traitement optionnel si vous le souhaitez, comme un ignifuge et un hydrofuge.

At Ideatec we always seek that our products can be customized so that our customers find exactly what they are looking for, so these sound-absorbing panels have the possibility of being presented in different finishes, such as standard melamine, standard veneer and with lacquers available in various shades. You can choose a la carte from a total of 15 different textures.

Our microperforated panels are made of wood with standard measurements, applicable to both <a href=””>false ceilings</a> and wall cladding. In this way, you can guarantee the total coverage of the room or simply one of the walls if your need is less. Today, we have 4 different types of support materials, being able to make any special proposal upon request.

It is also worth mentioning, as with many of our other products, that our Microacustic panels are easily washable and offer high resistance to dirt and scratches, so they can be kept as they were for a long time if they are cared for. right. You can also choose to apply some optional treatment if you wish, such as fire retardant and water repellent.