Materials and factors that influence good acoustic conditioning

Acoustic control is vital in spaces where sound plays an important role. For example, in sociocultural centers, in the common areas of hotels, in offices or in recording studios. What materials and factors influence a good acoustic conditioning? acondicionamiento acustico

What factors influence acoustic conditioning?

Acoustic conditioning is intended to correct sound disturbances in a room. In many cases it is necessary to modify the way in which the waves are distributed to avoid echoes, reverberations and other distortions that hinder correct perception. To achieve this, different elements with different acoustic properties are used, such as the following:
  • Sound-absorbing panels. They minimize the intensity of some sounds and reverberation.
  • Acoustic wood diffusers. They alter sound waves, improving the perception of sound.
  • Resonators. They try to reduce the reverberation, but only at certain frequencies.
  • Diffuser panels. To make the sound smoother and clearer.
  • Reflective panels. They reflect sound to make it more noticeable in a space.

What factors influence good acoustic conditioning?

In order for the acoustic conditioning to be the desired one, it is necessary to take into account some factors. If they are taken into consideration, the result will be optimal. The sound will be heard clearly and ambient noise will not be disturbing.
  • Quality of materials. If the acoustic materials are of quality, they will perform the function for which they have been designed. The sound-absorbing capacity is undoubtedly one of the most important qualities.
  • Professional and experienced team. The correct advice and an appropriate installation are some of the keys that guarantee the results.
  • External insulation. External factors must be taken into account and, if possible, the necessary measures must be adopted. A previous study will reveal which are the frequent sounds and vibrations. Thus, it will be possible to choose the appropriate materials in each case.
  • Aesthetics. Aesthetics is another factor to consider. The decorative acoustic panels are the perfect solution for hotels, restaurants, recording studios, schools and meeting rooms.
At Ideatec we seek to bring all these properties together by offering a wide range of quality products with a variety of designs. For this reason, you can find everything from moss acoustic panels to wooden false ceiling panels. If you need to improve the acoustic conditioning of a space, you can talk to us. We are at your disposal to offer you the solution that best suits your design and space.