Malgrat de Mar Funeral Home (2021)

Intimate, quiet and peaceful space to accompany families in a difficult life process.
Project carried out by USB Arquitectura for the improvement of the facilities, using IDEATEC ACUSTIC PRO 8 wooden acoustic panels in white lacquer and IDEATEC ACUSTIC HIGH 16 ribbed wooden slats for wall cladding, as well as IDEATEC WOOD IDEALUX LR slat panels from solid wood for the false ceiling, providing all the acoustic properties in eliminating ambient noise to these spaces.

The IDEATEC ACUSTIC HIGH 16 Panel for ceilings and walls is available in 15 different textures and lacquered colors on demand. It is a product that offers acoustic solutions of the highest demand.

The “IDEATEC ACUSTIC PRO 8” is a wooden acoustic panel that has a range of more than 14 different textures and a wide variety of lacquered colors on demand.


Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona (Spain)


VS Architecture


Fusteria Fusdecor

Product / Finish

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Project video

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