From Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions we are pleased to show you a project carried out at the beginning of the year 2020, in our town. In this project, we refurbished the offices of Martínez y Cantó in Novelda.

It is the leading company in Spain for the packaging of infusions. Martínez y Cantó has been covering the existing needs among the companies dedicated to the commercialization of infusions in their locality since 1970. Its main activity is to automatically package infusions for third parties. A worldwide reference company, it has expanded its activity to more than 10 countries.

Martínez y Cantó requested the services of Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions, since they wanted to create an environment in which their workers could have privacy, but at the same time they would have the ease of being able to communicate with the rest of their colleagues. All this, also, achieving a place with good acoustic quality and aesthetic design.

That is why we, Ideatec, take care of generating a comfortable work space for Martínez y Cantó. Based on the need raised by the company, we decided to propose our product, Fibertex from the ideatec FABRIC range of products.


In this case, the project is characterized by the placement of the Fibertex product in a baffle, with measurements of 1200x300x45 mm. Fibertex offers an acoustic solution with an innovative design, in addition to having a simple installation and hardly any maintenance.

As we already explained in the August post, about our product Fibertex, it has numerous benefits and applications. This product from the ideaFabric range is made of fiberglass, with a density of 96kg. In addition, all the components of the product are flame retardant. Among them, the improvement of the acoustic comfort of the room, it is adaptable to any surface and easy to clean.

Martínez y Cantó opted for this product, in a Baffle format. In other words, this product is upholstered on all sides. Since, it is placed vertically and hung from the ceiling, thus generating a quality aesthetic. This project offers a new office space, in which workers are located in a comfortable work space.

From Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions we appreciate the opportunity that Martínez y Cantó has given us to be able to carry out a project in their facilities, in our town. At Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions we fight for the acoustic comfort of your specific space.