Is acoustic conditioning the same as acoustic insulation?

The answer is no, these two concepts often tend to be confused. So we explain the difference.

The word insulation is synonymous with soundproofing, so soundproofing includes blocking noise from inside the room to the outside. Technically speaking, acoustic insulation is the degree of sound attenuation that occurs between two rooms or a room with the outside.

On the other hand, acoustic conditioning is the acoustic comfort present in the room. The better the conditioning, the less noise there will be inside. This concept is related to the rebound time of sound waves, or what is the same, the reverberation of sound, when a wave hits walls, ceilings or any obstacle, it creates sound pressure (noise), to avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to install construction elements to absorb these reverberant noises.

At Ideatec we make it easy for you to solve your acoustic problems.

We have extensive experience in this type of noise problem and we offer a solution by strategically placing sound-absorbing panels on ceilings and walls, reducing reverberation, generating authentic sound. We create optimal spaces for good hearing with a pleasant environment where you can have a conversation without having to shout.

We are experts in interior design acoustic conditioning, generating elegant, warm and modern spaces with the highest level acoustic conditioning suitable for the most demanding professionals.

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