Intense commercial activity of Ideatec in Spain and Mexico

The month of June has been very intense and productive… We have had two especially important commitments

ANIEME Conference in Valencia

The Anieme conference was held in Valencia three weeks ago at the Dimar hotel, with participants from the USA (from Miami and New York).

We have had the opportunity to verify that our product and our brand are a seal of quality and guarantee. They have been very well received, with a positive assessment regarding the adaptation of production to the specific needs of each user”, as well as the high quality of manufacturing and raw material.

For the development of our intervention we have a private space dedicated to the broad presentation of all IDEATEC products.

Special attention was dedicated to the new products of the family Ideatec fabric, Fibertex and Colortex, where it has mainly attracted the attention of visitors the incorporation of the aroma in the colortex.

As expected, our products had a good general acceptance, highlighting the Micro05 by Ideatec perfo which was a resounding success. The meeting gave a lot of itself, so much so that at the end of the product and brand presentation, there was a moment to see different photographs of projects in various parts of the world such as Miami (the Young Israel Synagogue) and Florida (the clubhouse of the golf club in Pontevedra).

Visit to Mexico D.F. and Monterrey, N.L.

On the other hand, with the IVACE. The team has been able to visit Mexico D.F. and Monterrey, N.L. between June 26 and 30. As some of our commercials present there tell us “this is impressive!! They have had approximately 3 meetings a day, and of course, in Mexico, that is complex due to the logistical issue.” The great work that the IVACE team has done is to be commended. It is fair to highlight the work of Ivace in light of the casuistry of traffic in Mexico City. Without a doubt, an excellent job in the search for potential clients, as well as in the management of appointments. The “Ideatec team” held a series of meetings with promoters-constructors of office, commercial and hotel buildings; on the other hand, there were also meetings with prescribers, which, according to what our staff in Mexico informs us, are starting to work and with good acceptance, especially by the large construction and development companies. The list of hits that have been: ALHEL, HOTEL ESSENTIALS, LOPEZ MORTON, DECKEL ACABADOS, ORGANITEC, EUROSTILO and PISO 18 CONTRACT. in D.F. In the city of Monterrey we met with: PROCONSA and Óptima Hotels.