Importance of having a workplace with excellent acoustic conditioning

acoustic conditioning is essential to maintain a good environment in the office. With this it is possible to reduce the noise in its proper measure and distribute the sounds in the correct way. ¿Why is it so important?

The importance of acoustic conditioning in the office

The noise of the machines and the conversations of colleagues are a cause of noise pollution when they exceed 50 decibels. Stress occurs, lack of concentration and a feeling of alertness that generates anxiety can be generated. In addition, noise in a closed space creates confusion, because it is not well understood what is being said or who is saying it to you. Hence the importance of acoustic conditioning offered by Ideatec.

The best solution for office noise

Completely soundproofing a space is not an ideal solution for an office. Excessive noise can be as bad as defect, especially in a place where you have to communicate. The best option in this case is the strategic placement of sound-absorbing panels, which reduce and distribute the sounds so that they do not disturb and arrive in their proper measure, for this reason at Ideatec we always talk about acoustic conditioning. You can see some successful examples such as the following on our website:
  • Alpred offices in Almendricos. Panels with fiber termination. An example of modernity and strategic placement of the panels. Product: Ideafabric Fibertex.
  • Atrium Office Building in Pinoso. A clear example of wood finishes that not only condition, but also provide warmth. Product: Ideacustic Standard 32
  • AngloAmerican Offices, Titanium Tower in Santiago de Chile. The panels with grooved perforations stand out, elegant, original and very effective. Product: Ideacustic Design Cardio
  • Generalitat Railway Service Office in Barcelona. In this office not only administrative work is carried out, but also customer service. To reduce noise and improve communication, decorative and effective ribbed wood panels have been used. Product: Ideacustic High 16.
Now that you know the importance of having a workplace with excellent acoustic conditioning, you can consult us about the best options for your office. At Ideatec we will be happy to carry out a study and offer you the most effective solution.