Ideawood Slats, elegance and acoustic performance united

Wood is the best material for acoustic conditioning, as it traps and dissipates sound waves. At ideatec we are specialists in the manufacture of systems and services for comprehensive acoustics, which is why we offer you the family of ideawood products. It is made up of panels made up of solid wood slats and slats, ideal for false ceilings and wall cladding. Ideawood Slats is one of the most outstanding products in this range. It is a panel of wooden slats joined by strips located at the back. In this way, not only quality acoustic conditioning is achieved, but also ideawood Slats have an elegant appearance and careful lines that make them ideal for placement in any type of room. The material with which it is manufactured is solid wood, with a presentation finish in natural varnished pine, which, in addition to having high-level resistance and durability, has fire-retardant properties. At ideatec we seek that our products adapt to the needs of our customers so that they find exactly what they want. For this reason, we manufacture ideawood Slats panels with two options of absorbent material. On the one hand, a thermobonded acoustic veil with a moderate acoustic absorption capacity or absorbent fiber with a high acoustic absorption capacity. This is located in spaces on the back of the product, that is, spaces between the combs that ensure correct continuity and linearity of the strip, with a black finish. ideawood Slats panels are perfect for use on interior walls and ceilings where harmony and comfort must prevail. It is possible to curve them on request, so they adapt to any type of space. It has a simple installation system, in addition to having the possibility of being prepared with a fire-retardant coating under autoclave or water-repellent, upon request. This product has a width of 90 cm, a depth of 120 cm and a thickness of 1.9 cm. After the installation of the ideawood Slats slat panel you do not have to worry about its maintenance. This product is washable with a damp cloth and resistant to dirt, scratches and impacts. If the client requests it, it is possible to install it with an anti-seismic, fire-retardant or water-repellent system. At ideatec we care about the environment, which is why our panels are completely recyclable. At ideatec we offer you ideawood Slats panels and a wide variety of panels for walls and false ceilings, modules and partitions. All of them have high-quality finishes that will give the room where they are located added value and a great capacity for acoustic conditioning. Enjoy at ideatec a completely personalized treatment and guaranteed quality products.