Ideawave Incube, two-dimensional sound performance

When we think of acoustic conditioning, sound absorption and reverberation mitigation in a room often come to mind. Although this is true, we are missing a lot of advantages, such as the homogeneous distribution of sound. That is, to ensure that the sound that is emitted from any sound source is radiated in all directions with the same intensity. At ideatec, we combine sound diffusion with the efficiency of wood for acoustic conditioning. The fruit of this work is the family of acoustic diffusers ideawave. It is a range of wooden panels whose main objective is to eliminate the reflection that occurs in a room without affecting the reverberation time. In this way, the acoustic waves are dispersed and surround sound is created in the room, thus increasing the acoustic quality. The ideawave Incube acoustic diffuser is one of the most outstanding products of this family. It is a solid wood acoustic diffuser panel with a two-dimensional design, ideal for creating false ceilings and wall cladding. The cavities on its surface allow sound to be dispersed with great efficiency, achieving high diffusion capacity and low absorption below 0.2 Sabines. At ideatec we not only seek that our products adapt to the acoustic requirements of a room, but we also take care of their design to make them attractive in different environments. For this reason, the ideawave Incube acoustic diffusers are manufactured in varnished pine with the possibility of choosing between different lacquers. Due to its elegant design and the high performance in terms of acoustic absorption it offers, the Incube panels are ideal for installation in auditoriums and theaters, places where there is a great possibility of reflection and where harmony and comfort must prevail. The measures with which these acoustic diffusers are manufactured are applicable to both false ceilings and wall cladding to guarantee the total coverage of the room or simply one of the walls, if the need for acoustic conditioning is less At ideatec we try to ensure that our products have a long useful life and continue as the first day despite the passage of time. Therefore, Incube panels are easily washable and resistant to impacts, scratches and dirt. It is also possible to apply a fire-retardant or water-repellent treatment. In addition, we care about the environment, so this product is recyclable. At ideatec we offer you this and other products from the ideawave family, as well as accessories that integrate and complement each other perfectly to meet any need of our customers. Enjoy a completely personalized service as well as guaranteed quality in each of our products.