Ideatec: More than 25 years of acoustic conditioning around the world

In the more than twenty-five years of experience of Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions In the wood sector we have worked and collaborated on dozens of projects around the world, always with the same professionalism and efficiency. The United States, Qatar, Singapore, Chile, Hong Kong, England, India… So up to almost forty different countries, undeniable proof of the quality of our products and our work. At Ideatec we are so proud of our work that we would like to show you some of the projects we have worked on in recent years so that you can see our products in real places.

New Town Hall of Thessaloniki, Greece (2009)

The city of Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki), the second city of Greece, the architectTassos Biris and the construction company Ellaktor Group trusted the Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions products for the construction of the new city hall. Such an important building requires quality products, a word that always defines Ideatec products.

It is an honor that Thessaloniki trusted Ideatec for such an important project with our products Ideatec perfo Standard 32, Ideatec perfo smooth, Ideatec perfo microacustic, Ideatec perfo T32, R16 and R32 for correct acoustic conditioning. Additionally, they decided to add a fire-retardant finish to all the products.


School of Physiotherapy in Dijon, France (2012)

In the project of the School of Physiotherapy of the city of Dijon, capital of the former duchy of Burgundy in France, Ideatec has actively participated in providing the necessary solutions in cladding and wooden false ceilings in order to satisfy the demands in interior design and finishes while at the same time more than satisfying the requirements in conditioning acoustic interior of meeting rooms, conferences and other common areas.

In the construction of this Physiotherapy School, the R32 slotted model from our ideaperfo family, as well as the ideatec acustic High 16 both as for false wooden ceilings, as for coatings. In addition, we also had our Flex solution that allows curved areas to be covered, managing to more than satisfy both interior design requirements with the appropriate acoustic conditioning of the rooms. Ideatec demonstrated once again that its wide range of products and solutions more than satisfy any need for acoustic conditioning and interior design that the client may require.


Moise Safra Auditorium, São Paulo, Brazil (2010)

In the largest city in Latin America and the financial center of Brazil, São Paulo, Ideatec participated in the acoustic and interior conditioning of the important Moise Safra Auditorium, where the installation of our Ideatec acustic Pro 8 which has managed to more than satisfy not only the high demands in finishes and interior design but in the same way, with the adequate acoustic conditioning of this majestic avant-garde architecture project.


Blood transfusion center in Lyon, France (2014)

In the Blood Transfusion Center of Lyon, the third most populous city in France, acoustic corrections were made in the interior conditioning of several rooms through the installation of our Ecotex textile acoustic panels, from the Ideatec fabric family of products. One more project in which optimal acoustic conditioning was achieved and improvement in interior acoustic quality, without carrying out works thanks to the Ecotex textile panels that manage to reduce echoes and acoustic focalization in those rooms with greater demands in acoustic conditioning, such as It happens in the health sector.

These are just some of the many projects in which Ideatec has participated with its products. To learn more about the projects we have worked on, take a look at our “Projects” section.