Ideatec and Zen interiors: in tune with nature

Zen is an Eastern philosophy from the Buddhist current. Applied to interior design, it translates into the creation of rooms that enhance the relaxation and well-being of those who find themselves in them. For this reason, it is one of the styles that triumphs when it comes to decorating a house.

The harmony and balance of its elements combine perfectly with the hallmarks of any attractive interior. But Zen decoration does not focus only on the creation of interior spaces based on simplicity, but also serves as inspiration for exterior design based on the aesthetics of Japanese gardens.

The search for harmony with nature and the environment typical of the Zen philosophy leads to a commitment to rooms with a reassuring and balanced design, where the protagonists are order and minimalism.

However, getting carried away with Zen interior design should not be confused with monotony. On the contrary, it opens up a wide range of possibilities to fit out a house. Each room can and should have different qualities, and this is achieved through the definition of small spaces suitable for each type of occasion that arises.

Wood acoustic panels, one more element in the zen decoration

Interior decoration according to the Zen style leads to conditioning rooms within the home that provide warmth and harmony, where great importance is given to coexistence and social interaction. However, it is in these open spaces that annoying noise and reverberation are most likely to appear.

To avoid this problem and reduce the stress it produces, which is so far removed from the principles of the Zen philosophy, Ideatec has a range of acoustic panels wooden. Precisely this material is one of the most valued by Zen, thanks to its natural origin and its elegant and sober appearance.

In addition to this, one of the main characteristics of wood is that it offers a great acoustic absorber. This material not only traps sound waves, but also dissipates them. For this reason, it is one of the most important materials in the manufacture of acoustic panels.

At Ideatec, we have a wide variety of wooden acoustic panels with a simple but effective design, which adapt perfectly to Zen interiors. One of them is the panel Ideatec perfo Micro05, with high acoustic performance and unbeatable design thanks to its micro-perforations.

In Zen interior design, the most popular colors are earth and white. Thanks to the customization possibilities of Ideatec acoustic panels, you can choose from more than ten finishes to adapt the design to the rules of this philosophy. Trust the leader in manufacturing solutions for comprehensive acoustics.