It’s a fact: workspaces are changing. What used to be closed offices in which workers were located in cubicles, produced a high lack of communication. Now there is a new trend with open spaces that favor co-working. Since the worker spends a large part of his time in the workplace, we must take care of his environment. As we have commented in other posts, many institutions tend to take care of these places to obtain greater comfort for the worker. In addition, this care favors the productivity of employees.


One of the main components of co-working spaces are dividers. Since offices are currently open, they encourage communication between employees. However, workers may initially perceive an attack on their privacy. The dividers serve to distribute the space creating areas with different tasks and departments. In relation to the costs of the separators, from Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions we recommend this product, since it does not require expensive works. In addition, they can be moved and adapted to the needs of each area.

The product used for the separators is from the ideatec Flow range. These products are manufactured with PET fiber (polyester fiber) and in a total of 20 colors. The main characteristics of this product are that it is recyclable, washable, has a high resistance to impacts and dirt. Finally, it is a fire-retardant product with the possibility of carrying out a water-repellent treatment.

At Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions we make acoustic dividers to offer a simple and harmonious distribution of space in office areas. We also add the advantage that we provide a uniform quality of listening.