Ideaperfo Mi, design and acoustic simplicity

This month, at Ideatec we present one of the star products of the Ideaperfo family, notable both for its high acoustic performance and its elegant design. The combination of the finishes in this range with the multiple possibilities of widths and distances between perforations, allow them to adapt to the most demanding environments. In addition, they are acoustic panels made of wood, a material widely used in acoustic conditioning due to its multiple benefits. The acoustic panel Ideaperfo Mi is a simple perforation wood panel, ideal for creating false ceilings and wall cladding. The holes in its surface allow air to pass through and cause the noise to collide with the walls of the panel, thus dissipating it and offering maximum sound absorption capacity in medium and low frequencies. In addition, this type of acoustic panel has a thermo-adhered acoustic veil that places its absorption capacity at a medium level. At Ideatec we not only think about the acoustic requirements of a room, but we manufacture our panels with different finishes to adapt to the aesthetic needs of each space. For this reason, the Mi panels are presented in four standard materials with fifteen types of textures for their finish, lacquered at the customer’s choice. These panels can be curved using the FLEX solution for adaptation to almost any surface. In this way, we provide acoustic conditioning solutions on curved surfaces, providing added design value to the space in which it is located. The Ideaperfo family of perforated and slotted panels is preferred for installation in restaurants and public spaces, both for the elegance of its lines and for the magnificent sound absorption that its mechanization gives it. At Ideatec we try to ensure that our products have a long useful life and that they continue as the first day despite the passage of time. Therefore, Mi panels are easily washable, recyclable and resistant to both impacts and scratches. It is possible to provide them with a fireproof or water-repellent treatment. At Ideatec we are specialists in the manufacture of systems and services for comprehensive acoustics, and that is why we offer you Ideaperfo Mi acoustic panels, as well as a variety of accessories that integrate and combine perfectly to meet any acoustic need of our customers. Enjoy personalized treatment and guaranteed quality in each of our products.