ideatec wood

Idealux FL


Ideal for ceiling

and wall cladding.

ideatec wood

Idealux FL

Where the style of natural wood meets the acoustic performance of our polyester fiber panel.

A panel with high acoustic performance, ideal for ceiling and wall cladding.

All finishing options

Our wide range of finishes includes melamines with wood designs or solid colours, stained, lacquered and natural wood veneers. These options applied to the different base materials MDF, plywood or phenolic compact have in common a high-quality end result. We also have profile systems for ceilings and cladding that facilitate quick installation. The combination of these finishes with the multiple

possibilities of widths and distances between slots or perforations allow it to adapt to the most demanding environments.

All this, together with the FIBERTEX diff users and textile panels, allows us to provide highly effi cient acoustic and aesthetic solutions.

Solid wood (Radiatta pine)

Standard melamine

Standard sheets

Products of ideatec wood

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Projets of Idealux FL

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Acoustic properties

Average acoustic absorption coefficient
Weighted acoustic absorption coefficient
Noise reduction coefficient

Data studied

Absorption coefficient

Test scheme

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