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ideatec garden


Acoustic comfort.

Nature and acoustic comfort meet in our latest creation

Ideatec garden breathes the freshness of the Nordic forests and the sensation wellness acoustics that will make your interior spaces a place where you want to be.

At Ideatec we believe in a better, greener and completely sustainable world.

Products of ideatec garden

Proyects of ideatec garden

High decoration modules

The innovative sound-absorbing moss modules from ideatec garden for walls and ceilings create a haven of peace both for their aesthetics and for their high noise absorption capacity.

Create environments that emulate forests and natural parks without leaving your home or office or innovate with the most creative designs taking advantage of its 6 color variants and different shapes (Square ▢ , circle O or triangle △).

Data studied

  • It does not need maintenance or risk.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Excellent acoustic absorption.
  • Flame retardant classification: bs2d0.
  • Environmental humidity control.
  • 6 colors available in stock. Other colors consult.
  • 5 year guarantee, color and freshness.
  • Wide design possibilities.
  • Individual packaging.
  • Support material: 9 mm polyester fiber.

Standard finishes

Support materials

Special support materials: Consult.
Absorbent sound layer: Recycled polyester fiber core covered with 100% natural moss.

Dimensions: 593 x 593mm. For ceiling / 600 x 600 mm. Walls (consult other measures).

Tolerance: Width: +/- 3 mm. // Length +/- 3 mm. According to CE marking.

Fireproof classification

Special support materials: B-s2, d0

Sound absorbing layer: B-s2, d0


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