Ideafoam Belly and Mini Belly acoustic half-cylinder

Today we want to talk to you about two of our products that offer a wide variety of uses and that are very light, effective and very easy to install. We are referring to our Ideafoam acoustic half-cylinders Belly, and its little brother, Mini Belly. These semi-cylinders are made up of a padded foam lining, which acts as a sound-absorbing material to capture all excessive sound in the room. At the same time, we have designed them with a particular hemispherical and elongated shape, which makes them very comfortable to install on walls using a double-sided adhesive, or by a tongue-and-groove system with a board on the back. And, if you already have your walls covered and you don’t want to do without this convenient system, don’t worry. These semi-cylinders also offer the possibility of installation on ceilings as well as on walls, in order to take advantage of every corner of the room and achieve the desired finish. The foaming material with which our Ideafoam semi-cylinders are made is a charcoal gray color that offers an elegant finish to the naked eye, without the need for coating. But at Ideatec we are aware of everything, and we want our customers to be able to customize the product they are interested in and adapt it to their tastes. That is why we also offer a wide range of textile upholstery in different materials and colours, which will ensure that the finish is just the one that best suits the character of each room. Another of its technical characteristics that we want to highlight is its special resistance to fire, in the case of contracting this optional and highly recommended treatment. With this specific family of products, we work with polyurethane foam, which has self-extinguishing properties, and melamine foam (reaction to fire Bs2d0). As for the latter, it should be noted that it complies with the minimum required regulations of the code of ethics (CTE) applicable to materials that are installed in buildings. If you decide to cover your walls or ceilings with foam products, our family of Ideafoam products is the most suitable for it. These cylinders not only allow a comfortable and extremely fast installation, but they are also one of our best sound-absorbing solutions, as they have a medium-high absorption capacity. You can choose both the larger Belly semi-cylinder to cover much more space with a single item, or choose its little brother, the Mini Belly semi-cylinder, which will adapt to every corner of the room. Trust Ideatec, professional quality assured.