ideaFABRIC Fibertex panels

We start the month of August with a post about one of the current star products of Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions, the Fibertex panels of the ideaFABRIC family. The Fibertex solution offers an innovative design in the field of acoustic conditioning with a simple installation and hardly any maintenance.


The sound-absorbing textile modules are used for ceilings and walls, in addition to being able to be used as separators or other functions. This product has 32 types of textile textures as a presentation finish, with the possibility of making a personalized digital print. Consequently, they can be made from screen printing to various designs. The main support material is glass mineral fiber with acoustic absorption properties, with a density of 96kg/㎥. This product offers a high acoustic absorption capacity, due to its mineral fiber absorbent material. The Fibertex product consists of various types of formats, 5.4 for walls and ceilings, and 1 for ceilings. All the products in this range have the option of applying a fire retardant treatment. One of the advantages provided by this product is that it is washable. Regarding the installation system of the Fibertex product, it is standard. For placement on walls, contact glue, double-sided adhesive or “impaling-clip” would be used. Likewise, for ceilings, contact glue, double-sided adhesive or a suspension by braided metal cable is used.


ideaFABRIC Fibertex products are mainly used in restaurants and educational or work spaces. Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions seeks to show another range of products, in which high acoustic absorption is combined with aesthetics and design, as well as offering the advantage of being able to customize the panels. For more information on sound-absorbing textile modules and on the ideaFABRIC product range, see the web .