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ideatec fabric

Acoustic well-being.

High capacity of


Design your acoustic wellness

ideafabric absorbent panels improve the acoustic well-being of interior spaces, we highlight their high absorption capacity and the different finishing and installation possibilities for both wall and ceiling cladding.

Products of ideatec fabric

The wood that takes care of the sound

  • Improvement of the acoustic comfort of the room.
  • Reduction of echoes and focalizations.
  • Recommended in spaces with great height.
  • Porous absorbent material. Greater absorption as frequency Id increases.
  • Compatible with ideatec panel. Different and complementary acoustic behaviors.
  • Flame retardant product components.
    From recycled fibers. 100% recycling and ecological.
  • Simple placement without the need for works.
  • Adaptable to any surface.
  • Customization in designs and colors.
  • Digital printing on white textile.

Fibertex Camira collection

Fibertex Exit fabrics collection

Standard formats


1200 x 600 mm


600 x 600 mm


600 mm. ø


600 x 600 mm


1200 x 300 mm

Fibertex standard formats

600 x 600 mm. 

1200 x 600 mm. 


1200 x 600 mm. 

2400 x 1200 mm.

Fibertex standard formats

Bs1d0 Fibertex / Block

Cs2d0 Cylinder


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