Ideacustic PRO 11R acoustic panels designed for high interior decoration

Ideacustic PRO 11R acoustic panels are designed for lovers of interior decoration. High decoration already has a faithful ally that provides the necessary acoustic conditioning with elegance and versatility. The Research, Development and Innovation department of Ideatec Advanced Acoustic Solutions works constantly so that everyone The company’s products meet the highest demands for quality and avant-garde, polishing and improving all the company’s products whenever necessary and possible in order to be able to offer its customers unique products with the latest technology and the best quality. acoustics.
Our range of Ideacustic acoustic panels is, without a doubt, the favorite product range of many of our customers around the world. Ideacustic acoustic panels provide excellent acoustic comfort in spaces related to high decoration. Our panels for ceilings and walls are based on a system of slots of various widths and drilling diameters that adapt to any technical and aesthetic prescription. These options are frequently used in modern architecture due to their ability to generate spaces where it is necessary to integrate design and acoustic absorption. Since Ideacustic is a product of high quality and popularity, our Research, Development and Innovation department decided to create and add a new product to the family, the Ideacustic PRO 11R acoustic panel. An absorbent and decorative product that helps improve the acoustic quality in all types of interior spaces and that has a very simple installation system. It is an MDF panel, available in lacquered colors à la carte. The PRO 11R is a new and elegant product ideal for false ceilings and wall coverings with the maximum absorption capacity, making the perception of sounds a pleasant experience. Its rounded shape allows sound to be distributed more homogeneously and efficiently, improving the performance of the Ideacustic family. Like the rest of the Ideacustic family, the PRO 11R has with the possibility of being treated to have a fire-retardant and water-repellent behavior, in addition to being easy to maintain. From Ideatec, it is committed once again to the fusion of design and acoustic performance; the result being a complete product that more than meets the user’s expectations. It is the directive and guide for all members of the “Ideatec team” , create acoustic solutions to condition spaces, with the best quality of materials and also being responsible with the environment without giving up an attractive and elegant design and image.