Ideacustic High 16, acoustic and aesthetic comfort

Ideacustic provides excellent acoustic comfort in spaces that go one step further in terms of aesthetics. These panels for ceilings and walls are made up of a system of slots of various widths and perforation diameters that adapt to any technical and aesthetic prescription. Therefore, they are ideal for placement in places where modern architecture predominates, since Ideacustic panels generate spaces where the integration of design with acoustic absorption is necessary. One of its most outstanding products is Ideacustic High 16. It is a range of grooved acoustic panels with medium density fiberboard slats. This material has unbeatable acoustic properties that are combined with an elegant design and result in a differential finish, especially aimed at commercial spaces, auditoriums and projects where it is necessary to acoustically condition the environment without sacrificing high aesthetic quality. Its main difference with the rest of the Ideacustic family is based on the higher percentage of perforation and the lower number of millimeters of separation between channels. In addition, the panels have a 0.25mm thick thermo-bonded acoustic veil as a sound-absorbing layer. This makes it an absorbent and decorative product that helps improve acoustic quality in all types of interior spaces. For this reason, it has become a reference product for the most demanding professionals. At Ideatec we seek that our products adapt to the needs of our customers so that they find exactly what they want. For this reason, the Ideacustic High 16 panel is available in fifteen different textures and à la carte lacquered colours. Likewise, it is possible to bend it using the FLEX system, always on customer demand. The Ideacustic High 16 panels have a simple installation system and after it, it requires minimal maintenance. This product is washable with a damp cloth and resistant to dirt, scratches and impacts. In case the client requests it, they have the possibility of being prepared with both a fire-retardant coating and a water-repellent one. Discover the Ideacustic High 16 panels and our wide variety of panels for walls and false ceilings, modules and partitions. At Ideatec we are specialists in the manufacture of systems and services for integral acoustics and we manufacture our products with high-quality finishes that will give the room where they are located added value and great acoustic conditioning results. Enjoy a completely personalized treatment and guaranteed quality products.