I want to set up a recording studio: should I invest in good equipment or a good room?

Among the components that make up a recording studio are the wiring, electronic devices, loudspeakers or sound-absorbing panels. But which of them is the most important? Is it better to invest in a good team or a good room? We will give you the answer below.

The equipment and room of a recording studio

Both the equipment and the room are the most important parts of a recording studio. Both are basic and represent a considerable financial outlay. In some cases, the budgets may exceed the amounts initially calculated and require an adjustment. Faced with a situation like this, which one is worth investing a little more in? Thinking about how they depend on each other might help.

For the start-up of a recording studio, if the equipment is not excessively powerful, but a room is adequate when it has high acoustic absorption, and thus, the recording can achieve a sufficiently clean and well-mixed sound. However, if the room does not have absorbent materials, frequencies will appear that negatively influence the final result. No matter how good the equipment is, these alterations that distort the voices will always be perceived.

What is crucial in any recording studio is not acoustic isolation, but acoustic conditioning, where reverberation control is essential to ensure that sounds are perceived as clean and natural with the appropriate acoustic materials. If the interaction of the sound waves with the environment is excessive, echoes will appear and the quality will be negatively affected. On the contrary, when this reverberation is excessively low, the nuances of the voice are distorted and it sounds dry. That is, it loses its shine.

After this analysis it is clear that you cannot give up the quality of the room in a recording studio. Of course, the equipment must also be good, but even more important is the use of acoustic panels and other systems that guarantee the highest quality in the perception of sound.

At Ideatec we have all the necessary elements to achieve it. Our products can be used as a false ceiling or for wall cladding, made of materials with the best acoustic properties such as acoustic wood and PET (polyester mineral fiber) as well as being design decorative acoustic panels.

Ideatec designs and manufactures acoustic panels and decorative panels for walls and false ceilings for auditoriums, theaters, restaurants, hotels and for all those contract projects in which design acoustic conditioning is necessary.

We offer a wide range of products, with different properties and innumerable designs, among the most outstanding, we can find our IDEATEC WOOD Idealux FL and IDEATEC GARDEN products.

  • IDEATEC WOOD Idealux FL, where the style of natural wood meets meets the acoustic performance of our polyester fiber panel. It is a wooden acoustic panel for false ceilings and wall cladding.
  • IDEATEC GARDEN is a moss acoustic panel that combines two products with high acoustic properties, PET (mineral fiber polyester) along with natural reindeer moss, preserved and with high acoustic properties, with the possibility of cutting according to design and size.


We have the best professionals and the most advanced technology, innovating every day to provide the best solutions. We invite you to discover our products and to contact us to advise you on any questions you may have about how to carry out a comprehensive acoustic conditioning project.