How does poor acoustics in your office affect worker performance?

That a workplace is not acoustically conditioned can be quite negative for all those who work in it, causing a significant drop in productivity. It can also cause different pathologies in workers, such as fatigue and difficulty concentrating on their work. That a worker performs the functions tired of him is not something that is positive for the company, since his performance will be slower and less effective. It may seem like the opposite, but correct acoustic conditioning should be something that many companies need to take into account. From the Health and Environment Observatory of Spain they have published a report in which it is made clear that exposure to high noise levels in the workplace can generate a large number of pathologies such as anxiety, lack of concentration, stress , sleep disturbances, tiredness and cardiovascular problems among others. These problems make it clear that this invisible enemy such as noise pollution is something that any self-respecting company that cares for the safety of its workers must take into account in order to avoid it. The worst of all is that many workers do not realize the noise that may be in their workplace, especially those who work as a team. They don’t realize it because the habit of working has made them internalize the sounds, but even so, they continue to produce.

Different kinds of noise

Although we can think that noise is noise, it can be differentiated into two classes: those that come from the interior and those from the exterior. In the case of interior, we can talk about the noise of the air conditioning, conversations between colleagues, the sound of phone calls, office machinery ( photocopiers, faxes, etc.), the sound of doors, elevators, etc. On the other hand, the noises coming from the exterior also affect the workers of any workplace. The sound of traffic such as that produced by trucks, vehicle horns, sirens, etc., construction works that may be nearby, if you are in an area where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic, etc. It is very important that 45 decibels not be exceeded in a workplace, although this does not always happen because a conversation can exceed that limit, but you should try to make this class of spaces have the least noise pollution possible.

Benefits of having the workplace acoustically conditioned for the worker

When a company acoustically conditions the workplace, it should not think that it is making an expense, but an investment. It is important to bear in mind in this case that this work It will bring a lot of benefits. The benefits will not only go to the company itself but also to the workers, who will find a much cleaner work space acoustically speaking. This provides more peace of mind, releases tension, stress does not accumulate, productivity is increased and it is not bothersome for them to be at work doing their jobs.