Hamad Medical Corporation Simulation Center Project in Qatar

We are pleased to proudly present the project that took us to the state of Arabian Nights, Qatar, where we had the opportunity to work on the refurbishment of the newly built auditorium by the Hamad Medical Corporation. Hamad Medical Corporation is a medical complex located in Doha, the Qatari capital, positioned as the main provider of secondary and tertiary medical care in Qatar and one of the main providers of hospitals in the Middle East. In its Hamad Medical City facilities, a complex dedicated to comprehensive medical coverage, the Simulation Center was built, an academic space for which Ideatec had the pleasure of participating in the sound conditioning of the main auditorium located in this building. The project consisted of the installation of the appropriate material to control the different auditory factors that affect the space, for this it was necessary to study what material would be ideal for the space in question and thus achieve the level of acoustic absorption and noise reduction ideal for this type of place, after a study of the place and its dimensions, the Ideatec team opted for the Fibertext as the main material for the project, with an average acoustic absorption coefficient of 0.90 and 0.75 in noise reduction for a fiber thickness of 25mm, it is the most suitable material for an auditorium Due to these conditions, we decided on this material for this project, obtaining very good results and a spectacular finish. Fibertext is a very appreciated material, its main characteristics are:
  • Washable product, only a damp cloth is necessary for cleaning.
  • Great resistance to dirt and scratches.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Recyclable, committed to the environment.
  • Possibility of installing an anti-seismic system.
The environmental conditions necessary for a good maintenance of the Fibertext include temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees and humidity not exceeding 60%. In addition to being an ideal material for the conditioning and acoustic control of large spaces dedicated to holding events for which perfect acoustics is necessary, it also serves as a decorative element with very elegant finishes that add distinction and color to the place. With all this we are proud to present the result of the work, carried out with great enthusiasm and dedication for the Hamad Simulation Center Hospital in Qatar, in which an ideal and quality sound conditioning was achieved.