From cradle to cradle. Redesigning the way we do things

Today we go a little out of our way to show an inspiring book that has made us reflect on the design and manufacture of each product and on its subsequent use. It is about “From the cradle to the cradle. Redesigning the way we do things”, by chemist Michael Braungart and architect William McDonough. At ideatec we want to get involved not only in the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of our clients, but we also seek to build a better world for everyone. Through our production process, we try to respect the environment by betting on natural materials and energies.

Redesigning ideatec, from cradle to cradle

When we talk about being a company that respects the environment, the three basic Rs usually come to mind: we recycle, we reuse and we try to reduce waste. However, we want to go one step further as we can find small bugs in them. Reducing slows down the impact that pollution generates on our planet, so we would be reaching the same result, but more slowly. At ideatec we take care of our processes so that, instead of reducing waste, we manufacture our acoustic panels with a sufficient quantity of materials to avoid waste. We know that sometimes problems must be tackled at the root if we want to fix them forever. Every time we go to paper to make a design or start a machine for manufacturing, we propose that our products and their materials complete their entire life cycle, without getting stuck in any process. We want to eliminate the concept of garbage and everything is recycled in its own use or, on the contrary, that it serves to create something of greater value. In addition, we want to take advantage of our international reach to do our bit and help our home, the Earth. Since our beginnings, respecting the environment in which we operate, changing and investing time in technology, innovation and design, always with materials that respect the environment. Betting on precision and effectiveness while respecting the environment is now possible, with our designs for comprehensive acoustics with high-quality finishes. Our products are mainly made with a natural element such as wood, thought that later it can be a biological nutrient capable of easily entering the water and the soil without depositing toxic materials. At ideatec we work very hard every day to design acoustic panels that build a better world for everyone. Well, we know that, like the great architectural constructions of buildings such as churches, walls and castles, our acoustic panels will have a long period of use.