FLEX, the ideal solution that adapts acoustic panels to each space

At Ideatec, we are specialists in the manufacture of comprehensive acoustic systems and services. We offer our clients acoustic panels made of various materials, such as foam and even textile fiber. However, wood has become one of the most used materials in decoration and construction in recent times. This is due to the fact that it combines elegant lines, which combine perfectly with the style of any room; with unbeatable acoustic properties, as it traps and dissipates sound waves like no other material. At Ideatec, we not only try to ensure that our products adapt to the acoustic needs of each client, but we also go one step further by offer designs that are as innovative as they are elegant. Continuing with our desire to add value to architecture, interior design and decoration while offering quality acoustic conditioning, we present the FLEX solution. This consists of the adaptation of our acoustic panels to curved surfaces, whether concave, convex or wavy.
The panels to which the FLEX solution has been applied can be used to cover walls or to create false ceilings. The flexibility provided by this technique means that the wood fiber does not lose its stability at any time. This guarantees great freedom to technicians and architects in the implementation of their designs. The installation includes a special edge assembly system, with meshes for complex 3D shapes and other designs that are at the forefront of foreground architecture. We work with a wide range of radii of curvature and different shapes, whether concave, convex or wavy. Our technical department will guide you on this type of acoustic solutions, recommending the system that best suits your needs. All ideatec acoustic panels have the characteristic that they can be molded through the FLEX solution, to adapt to any surface and give a touch of design to the aesthetics of the room. At ideatec we offer you the possibility of giving a different touch to your acoustic panels or adapting to the shape of the room through the FLEX solution, as well as accessories that integrate and complement each other perfectly to meet any need of our customers. Enjoy a completely personalized treatment as well as a guaranteed quality in each of our products.