At IDEATEC we are passionate about custom projects, in this case we set up a music rehearsal space located in Esporles (Mallorca).

The Macústica Management S.L team. has carried out the acoustic consultancy and the installation of this space using our FIBERTEX sound-absorbing acoustic panels and our range of Basstrap foams from the IDEAFOAM family .

FIBERTEX sound-absorbing acoustic panels are one of the most versatile solutions when it comes to conditioning already built spaces, for a reason they are the best-selling product for the acoustic conditioning of restaurants, entertainment venues, gyms, meeting rooms and co-working spaces. The glass fiber core of the Ideatec FABRIC FIBERTEX product range offers excellent results in terms of sound absorption and noise reduction. In addition, they have a fire-retardant textile coating in a wide range of colors that makes it easy to adapt to any space.

The use of sound-absorbing materials and textile acoustic panels improves environmental reverberation problems, reduces low-frequency ambient noise and provides a welcoming environment in any space with an influx of people.

The installation of FIBERTEX textile acoustic panels is very simple, you can hang them on the walls as if they were paintings, or you can adhere them with contact glue, they look great with LED backlighting, and can be easily integrated into any type of decorative design. Our range of CAMIRA textiles make almost any color combination possible.